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At the head of his own agency, Michel Amar has distinguished himself for more than thirty years in projects as eclectic as they are ambitious. This rich mosaic of achievements has allowed to refine a singular creative vocabulary.

Renovation of luxury private residences, restaurants, executive offices or sailboats, Michel Amar constructs real life scenarios to give body to the desires of its customers. Like interior designers, he considers space in its globality and adapts its architectural style to interior spaces by designing custom-made fixtures and furniture with a constant concern of harmony. Impregnated by the values ​​of openness that characterize its Mediterranean culture, Michel Amar knows how to combine "French chic" with the many influences that animates it.

At the crossroads of author's design and art, its collections cultivate an exchange between poetry and functionality. By working closely with the best craftsmen, Michel Amar has acquired a technical mastery of materials and know-how TO DO. This knowledge allows him to naturally shape matter, way of a sculptor. Today, his ever-changing work is represented in various renowned galleries around the world.

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